Latif Printing House.

(A house of quality garments screen Printing solution)

Latif Printing House is a part of Latif Knitting Mills Ltd. Latif Printing house has Started his Journey in 2009 with all kind of screen print.

Type of Printing :

We do Printing with plastisol and water based inks. Pigment printing, Foil Printing, Flock Printing, Glitter Printing, Heat transfer printing etc. We are constantly adapting to the requirements of the Global market with new machineries and technologies :


List of Machineries :

Manual Flat bed printing machine 4 Pcs
Flock machine 3 Pcs
Dryer 2 Pcs
Heat press machine 3 Pcs
Ink Mixing 1 Pcs
Expose machine 1 Pcs


Production :

Floor Space 5000 Squire feet.
Working time 8 hours
Manpower 75 Persons
Production Capacity 10000 Pcs/ Day